Clara (kurara) wrote in mij_mtl,

Otakuthon lolita photoshoot

I received an e-mail from Julie O'sullivan telling me to post this here since I'm one of the moderators. ^^ So here it goes:


Jrock cosplays and japanese fashion photoshoot

Occasion: Otakuthon
When: Saturday 4th
Time: 16H00 PM
Where: Second floor at Reggie's bar
Why: Because we want to show to people that in an convention, there's not
only anime and mangas or games.
What to wear: Do you really want to know?XD Anything that is relative about
japanese fashion(gothic lolitas, ganguras, kimonos etc.) and jrock cosplays.

Come as much as you can guys, we want to show how unique and beautiful
japanese fashion is. Thank you so much, Gangenoir.


I might go to Otakuthon after all.
I miss a lot of you guys.
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